Customize clothing on demand

Enhance value and eliminate waste by making clothes to each customer’s unique needs. ZyseMe empowers fashion brands to be more sustainable, efficient and consumer-centric by producing in response to actual demand.

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Our Solution

Flexible solutions for scaling customized fashion –
from customer experience to responsive production.

Personalization Tools

Empower your customers to order products in their unique size and/or alter designs to their personal taste.

  • Modular, modified or predictive sizing
  • Reusable Zyse™ profiles
  • Design configurator
  • Simple API integration
  • Connects directly with production facilities

Automated Pre-Production

Order Management System instantly generates necessary production documents based on customizations at checkout.

  • Adaptive pattern technology
  • Simple integration with your own patterns or choose from our library
  • Automatically generates production markers, quality control sheets and cut-lists
  • Enables fabric to be cut quickly to order
  • Full compatibility with existing production machinery

On-Demand Production

ZyseMe integrates with your existing production facilities, enabling customized clothing to be offered within your current pricing strategy.

  • Simple integration with existing production facilities and machinery
  • Automatic pattern files sent directly to plotter or cutter upon order
  • Connect with our established network of on-demand producers if preferred
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Fashion is seeing the start of a seismic shift where products are ‘pulled’ into the market based on actual demand rather than ‘pushed’ based on best-guesses and forecasts.

The State of Fashion 2019
Business of Fashion & McKinsey


  • Fewer returns

    Tackle the number one reason for online returns – incorrect fit.

  • Less waste

    Avoid overstock, deadstock and forced discounts.

  • More inclusive

    Adapt products to unique sizes and tastes.

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  • Future Proofing

    Secure your position in the digital supply chain.

  • Reduced Costs

    Lower the production cost of customized items by ~40%.

  • Less Seasonality

    Work with a more stable and continuous flow of orders.

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  • More Customers

    Increase your market reach by establishing a digital presence.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Make measurements quick and easy for online customers.

  • Reduced costs

    Automate laborious pre-production processes.

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About Us

ZyseMe is a fashion technology company founded in 2017. Our demand-driven digital retail solution went to market the following year and in 2019 we launched with our first partners, Hirmer and H&M Lab.

We began as a small made-to-measure business trying to crack the online market. We wanted to make customized clothing accessible to all. That meant scaling production to compete with the cost-effective but unsustainable mass-production of standard sizes.

It wasn’t easy, but once we’d settled on a solution and validated it through our own tailoring site, we realized this was bigger than we’d anticipated. And so ZyseMe was born.

Now we work with other brands and retailers to scale customization the way we used to dream of, reducing the size of their waste footprint, and inspiring more passion for their customers’ closest possessions – the clothes they wear.

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