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Custom-sized clothing, on demand.

Zyse is an AI technology platform that offers consumers unique products, and empowers fashion brands to sell and produce personalized clothing on demand. Together with innovative brands and manufacturers we are reinventing the fashion value chain, leading the path to a sustainable future of fashion.

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A complete digital tailoring solution

Our Solution

We offer a complete solution for fully personalized fashion –
from consumer choice to production.


ZyseMe allows your customers to buy your products in their unique size, and with selected design preferences.

  • Technology

    ZyseMe allows your customers to buy your products - personalized based on individual customizations and in their unique size, simply by answering a few easy questions online or in-store. Our machine learning algorithms use consumer inputs to accurately calculate individual body measurements. These are then translated into unique sizes, which your customers can re-use and update for future purchases at any time. ​Additionally, our customizer lets shoppers select design preferences to get a fully personalized product.

  • How it works

    • In your shop, users have the option to choose between standard sizes and creating their own Zyse profile​.
    • When ​ZyseMe​ is selected, our application launches, asking users to answer a few easy questions about their body, habits and clothing preferences.
    • Based on their input, ZyseMe provides users with accurate measurement predictions and comparisons to the closest standard sizes
    • Users have the option to register with their email​,​ and their ​Zyse profiles​ are saved for future purchases.
    • When the user checks out, the order information contains a unique identifier, allowing us to match orders and respective ​Zyse profiles​.
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  • Setup

    Depending on your requirements, our personalization tool can either be launched as a stand-alone webshop solution or integrate with your existing webshop and order management system. We also provide a set up with your offline retail stores, allowing your customers to digitally select or customize products on iPads or touchscreens in-store.

    Webshop integration

    You simply add a short snippet of code to your website and provide us with an overview of the products available for personalization. You can share this information manually, through an excel file or by providing an API integration, so it is automatically uploaded to our platform. The ZyseMe application is then only visible on pre-defined product pages, where it launches as an iframe once the user clicks on it. If desired, the interface can be styled to match your brand guidelines, ensuring your customers a seamless user experience.

    Order management

    We recommend setting up an API integration with your shop, enabling our platform to identify and process any ZyseMe orders automatically. Alternatively, you can provide us with regular exports of your order files, e.g. on a daily basis.

Automated Pre-Production

Individually selected customizations feed into our pattern making software, where they are transformed into unique sewing patterns.

  • Technology

    Our design automation allows you to produce unique products for each customer. This way, individually selected customizations and ​Zyse profiles​ are transformed into production ready sewing patterns within seconds. To match factory requirements, we ensure ​full compatibility with existing production machinery without any adjustments.

  • Setup

    Depending on your preferences, we either work with our own base patterns or upload your patterns to our system - independent of the software you are using.

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On-Demand Production

ZyseMe easily integrates with established production processes, enabling individual orders to be produced on-demand, while maintaining similar pricing.

  • Technology

    ZyseMe easily integrates with established production processes, enabling individual orders to be produced on-demand - at a similar cost and speed as mass-produced garments.

  • How it works

    • Once the pattern is created, we provide your selected manufacturing partner with individual pattern files (CUT,PLT,DXF), which match the producer’s requirements regarding format and layout.
    • These files either integrate directly with a plotter or cutter
  • Setup

    You can choose between working with our network of producers or letting our technology interact directly with your current manufacturing facilities. Should you decide to work with one of our existing partners, no further setup is required as their production capabilities are fully optimized for made-to-measure. When integrating with new manufacturers, the only set up effort required is a calibration of our DXF files according to the individual requirements of your production facility.

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  • Fewer returns

    Prevent the number one reason for online returns, incorrect fit, by custom-sizing your best-selling SKUs-

  • Less discounts

    Avoid high stock levels, forced discounting and write-offs with an on-demand production model.

  • Serve all

    With our tool, clothes are produced on demand, meaning you will never face stock-outs.

  • Branding

    Be one of the first brands to offer truly personalized clothing to your customers.

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  • Cost Reduction

    Lower the cost of custom-size production (by 40%) due to automated pre-production.

  • New Clients

    Attract new clients from our network of brands and retailers

  • Differentiation

    Distance yourself from competitors by offering custom-sized production.

  • Reduced Seasonality

    Benefit from a more stable and continuous flow of orders.

  • Innovation

    Pioneer in the field of digital supply chains and production.

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  • Increased Efficiency

    Save time and eliminate the need for skilled human labor by automating the measuring process.

  • Reduced tailoring costs

    Lower the cost of custom-size production by automating pattern creation.

  • New Customers

    Expand your MTM-program to online channels and increase its availability for your customers.

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  • Branding

    Be one of the first retailers to offer truly personalized clothing to your customers.

  • New Partners

    Attract new brands offering MTM from our network.

  • Fewer Returns

    Prevent the number one reason for online returns: wrong sizing.

  • Less Discounts

    Avoid high stock levels, forced discounting and write-offs.

  • Lower Stock-Outs

    Our clothes are produced on demand, meaning you will never face stock-outs.

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We aim at making fully personalized fashion available for any type of business - big or small.

Our solution is adaptable to your specific needs and pricing scales based on the services you want to use. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide further information and find the right fit for your business needs.

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We aim at making fully personalized fashion available for any type of business - big or small.

Don't just recommend styles and sizes. Offer consumers the power to create and customize the clothes they want. In a ZYSE™ that fits.

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About Us

ZyseMe is a fashion technology provider, founded by Bobby Östberg in 2017. It is built upon the vision of making personalized fashion accessible to anyone, which Bobby had already been pursuing years before ZyseMe was born.

Driven by the conviction that personalization is revolutionizing the fashion industry, Bobby started his own made-to-measure business in 2012. For several years he gathered first-hand experience selling and producing custom-made menswear - and got confronted with the limitations of old-fashioned tailoring, which to this date involved manual measuring and slow manufacturing. Inspired by his background in industrial engineering, he identified the potential of artificial intelligence to digitize and automize tailoring. Over the years leading up to the launch of ZyseMe, he carefully gathered a team of experts in machine learning, fashion and IT to develop and validate the first complete solution that empowers brands to sell custom-sized clothing through all channels, including online.

The reinvention of the on-demand supply chain pioneered by ZyseMe combines the acknowledgement that there are over 7bn sizes, and not just a handful, with the belief that consumers’ will always know their preferences better than brands. ZyseMe’s mission is merely to hand over to consumers the power to create and customize the clothes they want in a Zyse that fits.

Do you remember 1927? Neither do we, but it was the year when clothing sizes were standardized. Long before inventions such as penicillin, helicopters and canned beer. Since then we have developed the internet, 3D printers and space rockets. Yet we still wear standard sized clothing, made for many but really fitting no one.

With all its inefficiencies, the way clothes are traditionally made has no consideration for our planet. Demand is created artificially, poorly estimated, and over-satisfied with questionable production methods. Stockpiles are shipped around the world and 13 million tonnes of clothing eventually end up in landfills each year. In 2017, we found a better way. At ZyseMe we work tirelessly to ensure that consumers have the power to wear their clothing custom-sized, made by the brands they love.

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