What’s the ZyseMe mission?

We empower people to get the clothes they love in a Zyse™ that fits. We aim to make customized clothing the accessible, affordable and sustainable fashion choice.

What’s the ZyseMe product?

ZyseMe is an end-to-end mass customization platform empowering fashion brands to scale production of unique garments. Our AI calculates customer body measurements, automates pattern creation and fabric cutting, and integrates with your current production chain to manage assembly of unique clothing components.

Optional features can also allow adjustments to the design, such as the collar, cuffs or adding a monogram.

Who does ZyseMe work with?

We work with retailers, brands and production facilities of all sizes. Our solution is adaptable to your personal needs and our prices scale accordingly.

What are the benefits of ZyseMe?

The benefits differ for made-to-measure brands and those new to customization:

Made-to-measure brands:
  • Massive reductions in MTM costs thanks to automated pattern adjustments and fabric cutting.
  • Streamlined production process increases MTM output potential.
  • Expand your market access across online channels.

Ready-to-wear brands:
  • Stand out from the competition by offering reliable sizing.
  • Stabilize output by avoiding the ups and downs of seasonal production cycles.
  • Enable customers to buy the clothes they love even when their preferred standard size is out of stock.
  • Profit from our network of trusted brands, retailers and producers.

Who is the end user?

Currently professional males aged 30–40. This will broaden once we expand across the full range of menswear and eventually womenswear too.

Where is ZyseMe based?

Berlin, Germany.

Your customers and products

Will our customers be interested in Zysed products?

Fit is by far the main reason for returning clothes, as well as a significant barrier against shopping online and trying new brands.

You know your customers better than we do. Would they prefer a more personal product even if it cost a bit extra and took longer to arrive? Do they value products that have been produced sustainably and to last? Do they choose timeless style over the latest fads? If so, our market is your market.

Remember that ZyseMe doesn’t have to replace your standard sizes. You can always continue to sell from your inventory while offering the choice of customization.

How do customers place orders?

Zysed orders will be made through your website as with standard products. Our retail application uses iframes to integrate seamlessly with your webshop. Customers can create or login to their Zyse™ Profile without leaving their shopping basket behind.

Which products can I offer Zysed?

We currently offer men’s T-shirts (including Polos and Henleys), shirts and sweaters, and are continuing to expand our menswear options. Womenswear is an entirely different challenge but one we aim to take on soon!

How many customizations can I offer through ZyseMe?

As well as body measurements, the standard shirt customizations are collar, cuff and monogram. Others can be added on request.

Note that after a shirt or T-shirt pattern has been implemented, it can take up to 3 days to prepare additional customizations for sampling.

Our success rate

How accurate is your algorithm?

The margin of error is just 2%, helped by our system flagging obvious discrepancies for review. Those with less common proportions are more susceptible to inaccuracies but will notice a more drastic improvement over standard sizes. Your Zyse™ Profile can also be adjusted at any time, so if you’d prefer an extra centimeter here or there, you’ve got it!

How do I know that the products fit?

Fewer than 5% of Zysed orders are returned due to fit. And that number is improving all the time.

We will personally cover any return and remake costs (so long as they’re fit-related). Before sending the item back, simply note which areas of the shirt don’t fit properly and adjust your Zys™ Profile accordingly.

How can I test the tool?

Email hello@zyse.me to arrange a full demo. Simply answer a few quick questions on the Zyse™ Survey and our AI will calculate your body measurements. You’ll receive a free test shirt too.

How many customizations can I offer through ZyseMe?

As well as body measurements, the standard shirt customizations are collar, cuff and monogram. Others can be added on request.

Note that after a shirt or T-shirt pattern has been implemented, it can take up to 3 days to prepare additional customizations for sampling.

Technology and integration

What devices support ZyseMe?

ZyseMe works on any internet-enabled computer or smart device. We guarantee a seamless user experience for your customers.

How does integrating ZyseMe with your webshop work?

Our partner API (Application Programming Interface) provides all the tools needed to adapt your software and streamline communication between programs.

The API assigns a Garment Unit ID (GUID) to each article of clothing. This GUID connects every step of the process, from the Zys™ Profile and pattern generated by our AI, to the cutting and assembly of fabric, to the distributor’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data. It helps customers, retailers, producers and distributors stay up to date on the status of every order and minimizes production errors.

The API enables:
  • Customers to place orders and to create and update their Zyse™
  • Retailers to manage orders and track status of production and delivery.
  • Producers to manage their mass-customization workflow efficiently.
  • Distributors to track production and plan deliveries accordingly.

What do our developers need to know about the API?

Details can be found at documentation.zyse.me but here’s an overview of the specifications:
  • REST API using JSON to exchange order data
  • Front end applications for your choice of customization options
  • Webshop integration with iframe.
  • Optional front end javascript SDK for simple control

Will it affect my site’s functionality?

Only positively. Depending on your needs we can provide front end tools for customerinteraction or help build your own interface.

What resources are needed for implementation?

That depends on how soon you want to go live. In most cases the technical implementation only takes a couple of weeks, but full integration with producers can vary depending on your production needs and their current resources and infrastructure. In our experience choosing the desired customization options can also take retailers some time, accounting for production trials, sampling and market research.

How long does the implementation take?

It usually takes about a month to configure the technology and design patterns in preparation for sampling.

Note that implementation times can vary significantly depending on your needs and resources.

Which departments need to be involved?

IT, eCommerce, manufacturing (in-house or outsourced) and a project lead.

Your pattern

Can we use our pattern with ZyseMe?

Yes. We will digitize the master pattern for every item. Our AI uses this master to adjust each customer’s unique pattern. The extent to which your customers can adjust the garment is completely up to you.

How do we implement our pattern in your system?

Our pattern team will be in touch with yours to coordinate seam allowances, lay limits, and other specifications. Note that configuration may take some time – usually a week or two.

Your production chain

How do producers adopt mass customization?

The ZyseMe mass customization process is easier to implement than your producer might realize. Individual components are simply assigned a Garment Unit ID (GUID) to ensure that all customized items are assembled correctly. Instead of simply sewing a cuff to a sleeve, the GUID makes it easy to match this specific cuff to that particular sleeve.

Can mass customization benefit producers too?

Mass customization can benefit different producers in different ways. For example, producing on demand can smooth out seasonal dips and peaks in output, stabilizing workflow and providing greater job security.

Producers will also be future-proofed against demand for customized fashion, increasing their appeal by making customization affordable or streamlining current made-to-measure offerings.

Do you have producers we could work with?

We currently work with European producers in Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal, and Asian producers in Turkey and Taiwan. If your current production partner is unable to adapt, we can put you in touch with one that already has.

and the rest

How do I try the demo?

Visit http://demo.zyse.me, to try the Zyse™ Survey and see how ZyseMe integrates with a typical webshop. Contact hello@zyse.me to organize a full trial.

My question isn’t answered here. Who can I ask?

Email hello@zyse.me or call +49 151 1861 7032. You’ll be put in touch with whoever is most qualified to handle your request.